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Explore Endless Possibilities with...

Deco-Protective Films

Protection+Decoration; all covered

Protechnic’s ProDeco Deco-Protective Films helps you create eye-grabbing designs and produce highly-functional products. While these films are primarily used to add protective layers to the application, it is also used to add decorative elements.

Ready to use rolls. Tailored to your needs.

Available in two types

Monolayer Films

Monolayer films are used to add either decoration or water-resistance element. There could be either top printed colored film or reverse printed transparent film that can be used as a protective layer.
Unique characteristics:
12 to 300 micron thick, up to 2100mm wide
Made of PVC, PMMA, PET, PVDF, PO etc.

Multilayer Films

With two layers system the multilayer films solve both the purposes of decoration and protection. The top layer can be made of PMMA, PVC, PET, PVDF while the substrate layer film can be made of PVC, ABS etc.
Unique characteristics:
12 to 300 micron thick, up to 2100mm wide
Made of PVC, PMMA, PET, PVDF, PO etc.

A wide and varied range of films to bring in...

100% customized solutions

Custom Theme

Our deco-protective films come with the color and design of your choice.

Custom Type

We use various polymers to design and protect sheets based on your specific needs.

Custom Applications

We also develop adapted films and complementary devices that support your machines.

Want to have a first-hand experience?

Request a free sample

Let us understand your requirements and deliver sample of our Deco-Protective Films.
Product - Thermo Adhesives

One decoration & protective film...

Multiple benefits

ProDeco films and highly-functional and lets you create
attention-grabbing designs and solutions that perform at the best.

With these films you get multiple benefits like...

Wide Design Choice

Over 500 designs such as wood, carbon, marble and brushed aluminum available.

Ultimate Resistance

These films provide resistance from water, UV, scratches or even chemical attacks.

Superior 3D Finishing

These films enhance visual impact and textured feel through embossed finishing.

The tailored solution and full hand-holding make us...

First choice of leading brands

Our Deco-protective Films are appreciated for their resistance capabilities and superior mechanical properties tailored to your needs. Whatever your requirements be, our technical team helps you throughout the process to get the films that best-fit your requirements.

No wonder we are the only choice for various industries like






Protective gear

and many more