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World’s most advanced...


Truly, a bonding revolution

Protechnic’s ProStik Thermo Adhesives are result of 50+ years of constant innovation and workmanship of highly experienced scientists and innovators.

From automobile to textile to electronics and more, wherever your eyes go, you will find the presence of our thermo adhesives behind the success of hundreds of innovative products.

The vast range of ProStik products

Multiple types for your specific needs

Powder Adhesive

Our latest innovation is a great bonding solution for the highly-precise details and eye-catching enhancements.
Unique characteristics:
It comes with high densities and chemical purity
It has superior dispersion characteristics
It is 100% safe and environmentally-friendly
Best fit for:
Open, permeable or flexible applications
Unique characteristics:
Greater bonding strength
High flexibility and breathability
Available in Seven different patterns
Best fit for:
Light-weight & soft applications
Unique characteristics:
Weight as low as 4 grams per sq. mt.
Easy to unroll and process
Available in bi-layer (bi-component) form
Best fit for:
Superior surface bonding with under a tight budget
Unique characteristics:
Even distribution across the surface
Wide range of weights and widths
Most films can be slit (perforated)
Best fit for:
Applications that require adhesive along with added functionality
Unique characteristics:
For added performance and functionalities
Multi-layered single film to work as air/liquid barrier, opacity, light diffusion, fire retardant, and more.

Live test the caliber of our Thermo Adhesives

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Let us understand your requirements and deliver sample of a ProStik Thermo Adhesive of your choice.
Product - Thermo Adhesives

A unique range that brings to you...

Benefits beyond the usual

From improving functionality to streamlining production and from bringing innovation to
reducing cost, our thermo adhesive products bring unimaginable benefits in true sense.

Our thermo-adhesives are...

Highly Functional

Add and preserve aesthetics of products while achieving the highest level of functionality.


Polymer range, dimensions, and features, get all that you need to bring next breakthroughs.


The lightweight adhesives reduce considerable cost and also limit the waste and errors.


Most of our products emit zero VOCs. These are efficient, clean and 100% eco-friendly.

With our thermo adhesives you could...

Do tomorrow’s inventions, today

The age-old needles, threads and messy glues don’t solve the complex challenges of modern aesthetic designs. This is the reason why our clients across the globe trust caliber of our Thermo Adhesives to go beyond the limits and launch products that seem impossible.

Industries that rely on our thermo adhesives include:






home textile


and many more